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How to Recruit Owlbear Cub in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

How to recruit the adorable, fluffy owlbear cub in Baldur's Gate 3 BG3

If you’ve watched Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, you’ll know that owlbears are a thing in the D&D world. And, thanks to Baldur’s Gate 3, you can get an owlbear cub of your very own. If that sounds like your kind of animal, here’s how to recruit the owlbear cub in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). 

Here’s How to Recruit Baldur’s Gate 3’s (BG3) Owlbear Cub

To get the cub in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll first have to have encountered it in its cave. To the west of the forest map, on the way towards the Blighted Village, there’s a cave. You should also run into a trio of adventurers, one of whom has been mauled by an owlbear. If you encounter them, you’re heading in the right direction.

Once inside the cave you can (if you’re skilled/lucky enough) stop the owlbear you find from attacking you. You don’t have to kill it to get the owlbear cub but I did because I’m just the worst. If you do kill it, click on the cub and choose not to kill it. Once you’ve done that, go back to your camp and rest.

Then, head over to the Blighted Village then, onwards, to the Goblin Camp. You don’t have to fight your way through these areas, though I’d recommend you save because failing a save roll can lead you into a fight. Having Animal Handling will also help you with the cub.

Inside the Goblin Camp you’ll find the owlbear cub being taunted by goblins. The goblin who ‘owns’ the owlbear cub is Krolla, and there are several ways of adopting the cub. But first, even if you’ve already spoken to Krolla, you’ll need to click on the owlbear cub first.

How to recruit the adorable, fluffy owlbear cub in Baldur's Gate 3 BG3

One way of rescuing the cub is just to kill all the goblins, but there’s another way. You can speak to Krolla (you may need to race the owlbear first) and use persuasion or some other skill to get her to surrender it. Some people have reported buying the owlbear cub, but I’m too cheap for that.

She’s distracted by the bard in the middle of the camp so talk to the bard and get him to stop singing. Then, talk to her again. Whatever skill you use to get her to surrender the owlbear cub, then click on the cub again and it’ll rush off, disappearing through a brick wall in my case.

Now, go back to camp. You may have to wait a few nights, but the owlbear cub will eventually show back up. Feed them (I threw the food) and rest again for a few nights. They’ll come back, probably injured. Use your skills to help them (I used medicine) and they’ll stick around.

Now, they’ll chill in your camp and you can pet them any time you want. They can’t accompany you on adventures or claw enemies’ eyes out, but having this fuzzy little cub around is still pretty cool.

So, on the subject of how to recruit the owlbear cub in Baldur’s Gate 3, that’s what you need to know. For more on BG3check out our guides on how to respec your party members, as well as fixing any save bugs that might pop up. And if you’re just starting out, watch Destructoid’s excellent beginner’s guide to Baldur’s Gate 3.

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