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How to Taunt in Street Fighter 6

How to taunt in Street Fighter 6

Do you have to taunt in Street Fighter 6? No, not at all. You could master a character and never once use this move. But it’s such a great way to wind up your opponent that you’re missing out if you don’t do it at least once. So if you’re ready to thumb your nose at your fellow fighters, here’s how to taunt in Street Fighter 6.

Here’s How to Taunt Your Opponent in Street Fighter 6

Each character has three taunts they can use. To use your first taunt, hold down all punch buttons and all kick buttons at the same time. Regardless of whether you’re using the Classic or Modern Controls, it’s the same set of buttons: X, Y, A, B, RT, RB on an Xbox controller or Square, Triangle, Cross, Circle, R1, and R2 on a PlayStation controller. 

To perform your second and third taunts, do the same but this time press either right or left on the direction pad or left controller stick. It’s an absolute piece of cake—if you’re using a fight stick, that is. On a regular joypad it can be pretty fiddly.

How to Make Taunting Easier

There are two ways to make taunting easier in Street Fighter 6 and both involve remapping buttons. If you’re using Classic Controls, assign one button to Light, Medium, and Heavy Punch buttons and a different one to Light, Medium, and Heavy Kick buttons. Now, in a match, press those two buttons together and you’ll taunt your opponent.

Or, and this is the method I prefer, map taunt to a different button entirely. I mapped it to R3 on the Xbox, so when I push in the right stick my character taunts. You’re not normally using the right stick in a match, so there’s not much risk of accidentally pressing it. 

All this remapping can be done from the main menu, via the options. 

Your opponent can hit you while you’re taunting but that’s part of the appeal. You’re saying “I’m so confident you can’t hit me, I’m just going to stand here and mock you.”

On the subject of how to taunt in Street Fighter 6, that’s what you need to know.

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