Still haven’t experienced the thrills of Borderlands‘ Pandora? Humble Bundle is offering most of the core games and DLC for a limited time.

In 2009 Gearbox released the original Borderlands, and gamers agreed it was an absolute blast. The co-op RPG shooter let you cut loose across the hostile landscape of Pandora, collecting increasingly powerful loot and destroying everything in your path. Six years, two sequels, and multiple DLC addons later, the franchise is as fun as ever – and now Humble Bundle will let new players start from the very beginning. The “Humble Borderlands Bundle” collects Borderlands 1 and 2, several addon packs, and a 75% off coupon for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, all within very reasonable pay-what-you-want tiers while supporting the National Videogame Museum.

Customers can pay a minimum of $1 to get the Borderlands bundle, unlocking Steam keys to dive right into Pandora. The base bundle focuses on Borderlands 1, offering the core game and first three expansion packs. Paying above the average (currently at $5) throws in Borderlands 2, the Mechromancer and Psycho character packs, the Creature Slaughtdome bonus addon, and the Pre-Sequel coupon. If you bump up to $15 or over, you’ll get all of the above plus the Borderlands 2 Season Pass, the Headhunter 5: Son of Crawmerax addon, the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade 2, and a 25% merch coupon for the 2K Store.

On top of that, Humble Bundle is adding more items to the bundle next week – most likely Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution and more extras from Borderlands 2. Now if only I hadn’t grabbed the last few addons from Steam’s Summer Sale yesterday… but it still makes a fine gift for any prospective Vault Hunters out there.

Source: Humble Bundle

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