I Knew The Dame Was Trouble When She Walked In The Door


I think my position on the Revolution has been made clear, but there’s a reason I’m excited about the platform. Now, I know it’s just an announcement and games don’t actually exist until they arrive in stores/on digital download services, and even then, they may not exist, like Schrödinger’s cat.

But a game in black and white based on film noir makes me tingly all over. This is the kind of innovation that gets me excited about next-gen consoles (yes, I know it may not actually exist and the report is just hazy, but roll with me), not HD support or Blu-Rays or whatever. This one may not come out, but I do know this: we need more noir games.

With the Revolution’s motion-sensing capabilities, I’ll be able to actually take a swig from the bottle of Scotch I keep in my e-desk while I brood over the cold-hearted e-dame that left a private eye high and dry on a rainy night in Chicago. This is why it’s a launch day purchase for me.

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