If Kill Bill was Made into a NES Game


This is what a Kill Bill 8-bit game would look like.

Kill Bill is Quentin Tarantino’s love child for old-school Chinese martial arts movies, so it’s only fitting someone would create a retro video game as homage to the film itself.

CineFix has recently uploaded what they envision a Kill Bill NES game would look like. The video depicts key moments in the two films, from the fight with the Crazy 88 and O-Ren Ishii, to the throw down with Elle. Eye snatch!

8-bit enthusiasts will notice some errors like the use of the SNES controller and other inconsistencies, so it’s not exactly all 8-bit, but it’s still an entertaining look into what could have been.

CineFix has done other movies, including Hunger Games and Blade Runner.

Source: CVG

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