Impressive New Green Lantern Trailer Soars Out of WonderCon

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The new trailer turns up the anticipation for the Green Lantern movie a few notches, making up for its disappointing predecessor.

The first Green Lantern trailer was so lackluster that even Warner Bros. itself admitted that it could have been better. But while the first trailer was something of a dud, the second trailer is anything but, with explosions, aliens, and even an emerald green mini-gun.

The new trailer is an abridged version of footage that was shown of at the WonderCon convention in San Francisco this weekend. It opens with Sinestro – who eventually becomes a villain in the comics – telling his comrades of the death of Abin Sur, the Green Lantern Corps’ “finest warrior.” Interspersed with this, we see parts of the fight that led to Abin Sur’s demise, and how he ended up passing the ring on to Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds, after crash landing on Earth.

Fans of the Green Lantern comics are in for a treat, as the trailer is stuffed full of alien Lanterns, making it into a veritable who’s who of intergalactic space cops. It’s notable how good the CGI is for the alien Lanterns, but unfortunately, it makes Ryan Reynolds’ costume – which presumably isn’t quite finished yet – look flat by comparison. From what we’ve seen in the trailers so far, it’s hard to see what advantages the fully CGI costume has over an actual physical costume, but perhaps it will be more evident in the final movie.

Unfinished effects aside, the second trailer does a very good job of showing Green Lantern to be the grand-scale, intergalactic movie that fans were hoping for. Green Lantern opens in theaters on June 17th.

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