In-Game Voice Chat Coming To MMO’s


Vivox is poised to bring in-game voice chat services to Eve Online and Second Life.

According to Wired, Eve Online will be launching a built-in voice chat program this Fall. Senior producer Nathan Richardson claims that, “Even something as simple as being able to mute all your gang members while you are giving your orders will greatly improve (communications) in the heat of fleet battle,” when compared to offline programs like Teamspeak. There is also mention that later versions may allow a clan to contact offline members when the battle heats up.

Second Life will also support Vivox’s technology for individuals and businesses who pay for the privilege. There is some concern that deaf players will be left out, but in a world where chainmail-clad female elves are likely to be manly construction workers by day, text chat will likely remain the standard until voice masking technology improves.

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