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Indiana Jones TV Show Being Considered for Disney+

Indiana Jones TV show series Disney+ prequel or spinoff without Harrison Ford probably at Disney Lucasfilm

Disney+ will not rest until it’s created a new streaming series out of every IP that has ever been vaguely successful. Along those lines, Variety reports that Disney+ is contemplating an Indiana Jones TV show of some kind, though whether it would be a prequel or a spinoff of Indiana Jones 5 is unknown. Whatever it turns out to be, it’s pretty unlikely to involve series star Harrison Ford, who has said he is finished playing Dr. Jones after the fifth movie releases next year.

Indiana Jones 5 received its first promotional image from Lucasfilm during Star Wars Celebration, showing Ford in silhouette in some cavernous area. That film is being directed by The Wolverine and Logan director James Mangold, the first movie in the franchise not to be directed by Steven Spielberg. There are no concrete plot details yet, but Phoebe Waller-Bridge will play Indie’s goddaughter Helena, who according to composer John Williams is adventurous and a “femme fatale.” The film is currently slated to release in theaters on June 30, 2023.

Obviously, the Indiana Jones franchise is rooted in pulp material that could be expanded upon pretty easily with or without Harrison Ford, but whether people want to watch that as a Disney+ TV show is another matter. Although, it’s already been done before, with The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in the ’90s. Disney is reportedly seeking other ways to keep the franchise going as well, which could include more movies. At the very least, we know that Wolfenstein developer MachineGames is working on an Indiana Jones game.

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