Indie Devs Mistaken for Marijuana Thieves


While happily programming late at night, a trio of independent developers were mistakenly accused of being pot thieves.

Having an office right next to a medical marijuana dispensary can either be a positive or a negative, depending on perspective. For independent developer Illfonic, currently working on Ghetto Golf and arena FPS Nexuiz, it was the reason for three employees to be placed in handcuffs and nearly arrested.

Illfonic’s studio is located in Denver, Colorado, an area that allows for the distribution of medical marijuana. A dispensary located next-door to Illfonic has been broken into multiple times as of late, and another break-in occurred again last night. Denver police were alerted, but accidentally arrived at Illfonic’s address instead of the dispensary.

While half of the Illfonic development team was out on the town, three members were hard at work in the studio, only to be interrupted by police aiming weapons at them. They were then brought outside the studio and placed in handcuffs. Luckily for Illfonic, the police were very professional and realized their mistake once a second patrol car rolled up to the scene. Total time in handcuffs was apparently only around five minutes. The video shown here is security cam footage of the incident.

Illfonic is very understanding of what happened, as one member wrote: “WE ARE NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE POLICE. If anything, we applaud them for their rapid response to an alarm going off, even if they had the wrong address.” The situation no doubt gave them a better perspective of life on the streets, which they should be able to use in the development of Ghetto Golf.

Source: Shogun Gamer via Kotaku

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