Internet Cats Get a Film Festival


Internet feline films are invading real life thanks to one serious cat lover.

You may have noticed that cats are pretty popular on the internet. From those sometimes-clever and always-misspelled LOLCat pictures, to amateur videos of cats doing silly things, to live feeds of the fluffy critters run by animal charities, humans and self-learning robots alike can’t seem get enough of the ubiquitous domesticated felines. Now, thanks to one enterprising cat content curator, you’ll be able to get your internet cat fix offline in the first-ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival.

The festival, which is organized and run by Katie Czarniecki Hill, is hosted during a larger event called Open Field. Open Field, run by and located outside the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, lasts for most of the summer and invites the local community to set up and run outdoor events in the center’s large grassy yard. Hill is the sole organizer of the festival, which takes places at dusk on August 30 and can be found on Open Field’s site.

Hill’s reason for organizing the festival was a desire to bring lovers – and haters – of internet cat videos together in meatspace to appreciate the videos and, as she states on her blog, “LOL in the presence of others.” The videos will be played outdoors using a projector and the event is free for anyone able to attend. Even if you can’t make it, you can nominate your favorite video for the festival before July 30th. Minnesotan Escapists and particularly dedicated internet cat video lovers should start making travel plans now.

Source: Katie Czarniecki Hill via Gawker

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