Is a New Blizzard Game Coming?


Rumors are flying that Blizzard Entertainment is working on a brand-new game that has not yet even been mentioned to the public.

The whispers began when Blizzard posted two job openings for an unannounced project on its website. Both positions are for software engineers, one client and one gameplay, and promise the opportunity to “get in on the ground floor of a dynamic and focused team working on a brand new project.” Fairy standard stuff but according to IncGamers, an “inside source at Blizzard” has said the postings aren’t for either a new World of Warcraft expansion or the next-gen MMOG Blizzard has on the go. The source claimed the World of Warcraft engine is being used for testing purposes but that these postings are for a “brand-new game.”

Blizzard is notoriously slow in developing games but it’s impossible to argue with the results: When the company does get around to releasing a game, it doesn’t disappoint. But Blizzard COO Paul Sams committed to releasing one “frontline” game per year during Activision’s fourth quarter earnings call in February, so maybe this is a sign that the studio is picking up the pace.

Nothing else is known about the mystery “fifth franchise,” including whether or not it actually exists at all. We’ve dropped a line to Blizzard and will update when we can.


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