Is Brütal Legend Headed to the Wii?


Rumors persist that Brütal Legend will eventually be released for the Wii, although Double Fine Productions may not be making it.

Brütal Legend, Tim Schafer’s heavy metal adventure, is currently in development for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but back in February, GoNintendo posted a story that included a rumor that the game would also be released for the Nintendo Wii. The site was asked to pull the story and did so, but not before it had been noticed by 1Up, who asked Schafer about it when they interviewed him roughly a month later.

His response was telling. Instead of confirming or denying the story, he asked his public relations representative how he should answer the question before replying, “We are making an Xbox 360 and a PS3 version of Brütal Legend.” It’s not the sort of response one would expect to such a simple question, unless the truth is a Closely Guarded Secret.

Taking the matter even further, the Cut Scene reports that Schafer was telling the truth, “just not the whole truth.” According to the site, Double Fine is making the game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 while EA is contracting the Wii version out to another studio entirely, although who that is remains unknown. The alleged Wii version of the game went into development only recently, and so most likely won’t be released until well after the 360/PS3 versions.

Whether it’s a direct translation of the game or a Wii-specific version similar to Dead Space: Extraction, a Wii version of Brütal Legend makes sense in light of EA’s recent commitment to increased development for the Wii, and the awkward silences from Schafer and EA, which refused to comment on the report, aren’t going to make this rumor go away.

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