Is That The Slender Man Over There?


Footage from Blue Isle Studios’ Slender reimagining is out … but do you dare watch it?

Blue Isle Studios and Slender creator Mark Hadley’s expanded Slender: The Arrival is due very soon and, to give you an idea of what might be out in those dark woods, a short snippet of beta footage has sneaked out of the shadows. Just don’t look too closely at what may, or may not, be off in the corner of your eye, and you’ll be fine. Well, you might be fine. Actually, scratch that …

The original survivor horror independent title Slender was released for free, but this will be a commercial release for Mac and PC, with a $10 price tag; $5, if you pre-order. Though there is more content, more levels, and an expanded plot, the developer is playing very coy about what might, or might not, be involved in The Arrival. “We can’t say much more right now without ruining the story,” the developer’s FAQ proclaims.

Though there will be more to do this time, and some gameplay variation, the basic plot remains the same. It’s just you, the forest, and … well, Something Else. If all goes according to plan, this should see release on March 26th.

Source: CVG

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