ITI Techmedia Reveals Game Evaluation Solution at GDC


ITI Techmedia announced its session at the Game Developers Conference will reveal a “working notation for game design” that will allow gameplay to be evaluated before a game goes into production, which could save developers millions.

Working with their partner Metaforic Ltd., ITI Techmedia will demonstrate how games can be tested during pre-production, using Microsoft’s Halo as an example. “Difficulty graphs” can be introduced into a game’s design to show how “fun” a game is, and to give developers visual wiggle room in their attempts to balance a game’s difficulty.

ITI Techmedia and Metaforic believe their R&D solution will reduce development cost and lead time and will shed light on whether or not a game is both fun and playable during development.

ITI Techmedia’s session will be hosted by Paul Sheppard of ITI and Andrew McLennan of Metaforic and will take place Wednesday, March 7 at 4:00 p.m.

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