Jack Lumber‘s Debut Sets Lumberjacks to Singing


Don’t hit the beaver, developer Owlchemy Labs advises; the beaver is your friend.

Playtesting your game to death is the path to success, but Owlchemy Labs took that credo one step further and let real live lumberjacks have a shot at their tree-chopping mobile game, Jack Lumber. The result? Owlchemy discovered that real live lumberjacks are darn good at chopping down Jack Lumber‘s forests. Who knew?

This puzzler has you, as the Jack of the title, avenging your dear old granny’s death at the hands – limbs? – of a wicked tree. You chop your way through the levels, making sure not to hurt the little creatures of the forest – remember, the beaver is your friend, Owlchemy says – and Jack kindly offers the critters a place to stay after he hacks their homes up. Eventually his cabin will be filled with the frisky little beggars, as he continues his tree-killing campaign.

Heck, Jack Lumber was so much fun it even got the lumberjacks singing. If that isn’t an endorsement, what is? This iPhone and iPad title can be had here, for less than a buck. So long as you have the beard for it, that is …

Source: Jack Lumber

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