Jane Jensen’s Moebius Story Trailer Reveals The Warrior and The Savant


Jane Jensen’s Moebius has a brand-new story trailer that takes a deeper look inside the shadowy world of Malachi Rector.

Phoenix Online Studios doesn’t have the most confidence-inspiring game lineup of all time, but Moebius could be a big step toward changing that. It’s noteworthy because of the involvement of Jane Jensen, a veteran of famed adventure studio Sierra and creator of the Gabriel Knight games. Jensen’s name was attached to the less-than-great Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller but only as a “story consultant”; Moebius will be the first adventure she’s “completely overseen” since the 1999 release of Gabriel Knight 3.

Moebius stars Malachi Rector, an appraiser of high-end antiques whose unique abilities have made him very wealthy. But he gets more than he bargained for when he’s enlisted by a secretive agency to investigate the death of a woman in Venice and finds himself drawn into a dark, dangerous and even supernatural world. In her preview, Janelle Bonanno said, “Moebius is looking to be a wildly entertaining affair with a rich story to tell, historical accuracy in its details, and an uncanny number of possible interactions. It’s a blast from the past for gamers that grew up with point and click adventures, and will appeal to anybody with a tendency to investigate every nook, cranny, and interaction in their game world.”

Moebius is slated to come out in early 2014 for Windows, Linux and Mac, with iPad and Android versions expected to follow shortly thereafter.

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