Marvel editor Tom Brevoort has said that he’d be open to a Supaidaman comic if there was a “demand” for it.

Spider-Man has been taken to some pretty wacky places since his character first swung onto the scene back in the early 1960s. For all of the odd and sometimes questionable stories that he’s been in however, we feel safe in saying that none have been quite as bizarre as the Japanese Supaidaman television adaptation from the 1970s. A monster of the week series complete with rocket cars, transforming spaceships and giant robot battles, it took little from Marvel’s original version outside of the costume and spider-powers. That being the case, if statements from Marvel’s Tom Brevoort are any indication, there’s a chance that Supaidaman could become an official Marvel comic.

Brevoort’s comments came in the wake of a fan frenzy following the character’s appearance in the latest chapter of the publisher’s ongoing Spider-Verse event. In issue 12 of Amazing Spider-Man, Supaidaman arrives in his robot Leopardon to help a team of Multiverse Spider-Men do battle against the villain Morlun. When asked if Marvel readers might see more of Supaidaman in the future, Brevoort stated that the character could become a more permanent Marvel fixture if fans made it clear that they wanted more of him. “If there was the same sort of demand for it, you better believe it,” he said. “I’d do a Supaidaman book in a red-hot minute.”

The obvious question, in turn, is just how badly Marvel fans actually want a comic about Spider-Man defending the world from aliens in a giant robot. Speaking personally, I’d read the living hell out of a book like that. In fact, if Marvel wanted to launch an entire line of “here’s your favorite hero but with mecha” books, I’d be all for it. I’m only one guy though, and my tastes can sometimes be a bit specific. What do you think? Is a Supaidaman comic revival something you’d want to see, or should Marvel focus its efforts elsewhere?

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