Jarvis Jumps to Blitz Arcade


John Jarvis plans on expanding Blitz Games’s arcade division.

Following the financial success of the Burger King promotional games, developer Blitz Games announced plans to build its “advergaming” business. John Jarvis has been appointed Director of Advergames at Blitz Arcade, where he will lead digital download development and keep up with demand for promotional games.

Jarvis, Advergames Manager of Blitz Arcade commented, “This is an area that has huge potential particularly as the new consoles (PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360) will live in the lounge and become the focal point of home entertainment. In-game advertising has begun to make in-roads but having a brand fully interpreted in a fun, compelling gaming environment is a much more powerful, longer-living and creative option.”

Philip Oliver, CEO of Blitz Games added, “Brands and advertisers are continually looking at ways to keep their messages relevant to current and future generations of consumers, clearly videogames hit a large and continually expanding demographic – and the growth of online gaming will offer very interesting possibilities for advergames including: live tracking of consumers habits; likes and dislikes of players on an unprecedented scale.”

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