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Father’s Day is coming up! This year, get Dad something he’ll actually use with these headphones from JLab (20% off)

This article is sponsored by JLab.

Looking for the best Father’s Day deals this year to get your techie dad or to treat your audiophile self? The team at JLab is here to help by offering 20 percent off on all their top audio products from now until June 15. Whether for gaming, music, fitness, or even work, JLab’s industry-leading audio gear and gadgets have got you covered this Father’s Day.

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About JLab

JLab is a leading innovator in audio technology that designs and tests all its products in-house from its central headquarters in San Diego, California. Its award-winning products combine cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and exceptional value. From wireless earbuds and over-ear headphones to portable speakers and gaming headsets, JLab offers high-quality audio solutions that cater to every lifestyle. Experience the ultimate in sound with JLab—where technology meets excellence.

JLab gaming headphones
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Surprisingly awesome value

The team at JLab believes great technology should be accessible to all. Their goal is to include a leading-edge feature set at tiered price points to enable as many people as possible to own and use great personal tech. They don’t hold back new innovations by waiting for the next product cycle; they push great features out as soon as possible so people can enjoy them. If it doesn’t make users’ experiences way better, it doesn’t find its way into their products.

Designed for you

When the team at JLab is thinking up new ideas for products and features, it’s not just about what’s possible or what would be cool. They’re not sitting around tossing out random ideas that look good on the wall. They actually listen to what you want. Instead of adding features that make exactly zero sense, they’re always looking for ways to make things easier for you and optimize your audio experience.

JLab fitness headphones
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Lab quality sound

JLab truly understands how personal an experience sound can be. When it develops its products, it always thinks about individual preferences and the different ways people experience sound. It helps you choose from different settings and customize your sound style to match exactly what you’re doing. It fine-tunes the drivers to ensure they are hitting all the notes and gives you tools to get the best fit for optimal sound. No matter what you’re into, JLab offers incredible sound for all life’s moments. That’s Lab Quality Sound.

Dedication to sustainability

As if its high-performance products weren’t enough, JLab is also doing its part to reduce our collective carbon footprint by offering its Recycle Program, where you can send in any of your old earbuds, headphones, or speakers (any brand), and it’ll properly dispose of them for you. JLab works with a recycling center in its local area to ensure your old or broken audio products are taken care of properly. The best part? JLab will even send you a 30 percent off coupon code for you to shop its site once you send in your old electronics and submit a quick submission form. Still unsure about JLab? Check out their website today and see how their industry-leading products and accessories can help improve your daily audio experience. And don’t forget to capitalize on their special 20 percent off Father’s Day sale.

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