Join the Satellite of Love With Classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes


Over 80 Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes are available online, including never-before-uploaded classics like Jungle Goddess and The Screaming Skull.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a classic TV series needing very little introduction: Three characters watch terrible movies and find creative ways to mock them for the entire runtime. Its cast and creators went on to create similar projects like RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic, but for many, MST3K is the gold standard for professional movie riffing. That makes it all the more disappointing that licensing agreements prevent many of the 197 episodes from being distributed. Thankfully, a significant portion are now online, including 83 episodes available through a Vimeo promotion.

Each of these classic MST3K episodes can be rented for $3 or purchased outright for $10. Completionists also have the option of buying the entire 83-part set for $300, which includes any new episodes added until Sept. 15, 2015. Even better, three never-before-seen-online MST3K films made this list: Jungle Goddess, The Painted Hills, and The Screaming Skull.

Whether you’re a long-time MST3K fan, or just curious what all the fuss was about, it’s a pretty sweet deal all things considered. So what are you waiting for? Push the button, Frank.

Source: Vimeo

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