Journey to Un’Goro Card Reveals: Shaman Legendary and Murlocs


Today’s batch of new Hearthstone cards includes both the Shaman regular legendary and his quest.

The Journey to Un’Goro slow-roll reveal of cards continues, and its very good news if you’re a fan of the Shaman class. Today, we get a look at not just the Shaman’s legendary quest, Unleash the Murlocs, but also his regular legendary card: Kalimos, Primal Lord. We also see a new Murloc and Elemental to go along with these legendaries. Check them out below:

While we do only have four cards to show you today, we actually have five tokens to look at. The first is Megafin, the Murloc rewarded for completing the Shaman quest. The other four, Invocation of Air, Earth, Water and Fire, are the spells that Kalimos can cast. Now before you take out your torch and pitchfork screaming “more RNG bullshit!”, Blizzard has confirmed that you will be able to choose which spell Kalimos will cast.

Megafin looks like it would fit in an extremely aggro-heavy Shaman Murloc deck, as it rewards you for vomiting your hand and flooding the board with low-cost Murlocs. Kalimos, on the other hand, looks to be bringing control Shaman back, but giving us an extremely versatile, well-statted minion.

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