Julian Gollop’s Chaos Reborn Kickstarter Kicks Off


The creator of the original XCom goes back to 1985’s wizard school, and Ken Levine’s already on board.

A short while back Julian Gollop, the man who made the original XCom, announced he was taking his wizard strategy title Chaos Reborn to Kickstarter. The great day has finally arrived, and Gollop’s already had $12,244 of his $180,000 ask pledged. You’ll get a taste of what’s to come in the video – no animation, and the graphics are just placeholders, but the base game is fully functional – and Ken Levine of BioShock fame is already on board. Take a look, and find out whether you want to get in on this too.

If you get in at the Apprentice level – a $20 pledge – you get the digital download, DRM free, for either Windows, Mac or Linux, as well as early access. But perhaps you’d prefer special gear, access to the map designer and other stuff? Better get in at the Forgemaster level or higher. Three backers have already leapt in at the $1,000 God mark; what’s the odds one of those three is named Levine?

Chaos Reborn, a continuation of Gollop’s 1985 strategy title Chaos, sees you as a lonely Wizard trying to work your way up the ranks to Godhood. You’ll be summoning monsters, suborning other wizards’ minions, and blasting your enemies along the way. You can work your way through procedurally generated levels either on your own or as part of a co-op group, or even a guild, in search of the Wizard King and his minions. Fancy a multiplayer match? No problem; there will be online tournaments, or you can hot-seat in offline mode. There are 30 days left to go on this one, so there’s time to make your mind up; but don’t wait too long!

Source: Kickstarter

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