Jumpgate: EVE Devs Update


Though we’re still waiting to hear back from them, CCP has posted a few responses to players’ questions on their official message boards.

Here’s their response to the question “Why is t20 [the developer who admitted to cheating] still employed?”

Here is a quote from Hellmar’s Dev Blog

Originally by: The Commitment
Unfortunately CCP did not act with the same decisive consistency we have used on previous occasions. Those left at the helm chose to react cautiously, as sometimes is appropriate under these circumstances, leading to more leniency and understanding than we are used to in these matters.

Internally, this incident was discovered over the summer when the majority of the senior company staff was on vacation. This lead to the caution against taking more harsh measures such as termination of employment. T20 was punished at the time for his misconduct. To terminate t20’s employment now would appease some of the more emotional members of the community, but it would also be unfair to punish someone twice for the same misconduct.

You can read the entirety of their responses here.

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