Starlord leads hero raptors against mutant-dino nemesis

The first Summer Blockbuster trailer of 2015 to run during the coveted Super Bowl XLIX commercial spots turned out to be Jurassic World, bringing intriguing new footage and the biggest reveals yet as to the actual premise of the film.

As teased up by the earlier trailer, the film takes place in a Sea World-style high-tech upgrade of the original Jurassic Park, where tourists mingle with tamed, seemingly domesticated dinosaurs. This new spot shows off more complete FX shots, but also confirms new story details that many fans had thus far only suspected – namely, that Chris Pratt’s character appears to have learned to train (or befriend?) the park’s deadly velociraptors, and is leading them into battle against a mutant “hybrid” dinosaur created by scientists whose rampage threatens both humans and its “natural” cousins.

The new enemy creature itself remains largely unseen, at least in full, for now. It’s been described by the filmmakers as a hybrid of multiple dinosaur species, may resemble a more agile T-Rex but with functional arms and may have specific extra abilities borrowed from other creatures as well. According to rumors it’s name may (or may not) be “Indominus Rex.”

Jurassic World opens June 12, 2015

Source: Universal Pictures


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