Avalanche Studios Group has provided a first glimpse of its next project, but no real details are available at present.

The tease comes courtesy of a brief trailer that opens with a zoom on a snow-laden cave. Flashes of action amidst total darkness follow, and careful observers will note what appears to be a first-person viewpoint for the gunplay and a creature with sizeable claws on the receiving end.

Specific information such as a release window or target platforms has not been released.

This new game will be developed by the team behind last year’s co-op survival shooter Generation Zero, which has been renamed Systemic Reaction, rather than the core team behind the Just Cause franchise and RAGE 2. The name change is part of a wider branding shake-up that the company is celebrating with a Steam sale. The main team will retain its original name, while the team behind TheHunter series will henceforth be known as Expansive Worlds.

Generation Zero was not particularly well received by critics, though Escapist’s Elijah Beahm bucked the trend by praising its emptiness as “a breath of fresh air.” “It’s a game this console cycle needs ⁠— and one I’ll keep revisiting to appreciate time and again,” he wrote.

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