Kane & Lynch Wish You Happy St. Patrick’s Day


That rascally pair of criminals, Kane and Lynch, hope you have a festive St. Patty’s Day.

What began as a Catholic holiday celebrating the patron saint of Ireland has, for many, turned into an excuse to drink truly alarming quantities of booze that’s been dyed green. The criminally inclined stars of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days would seem to be among that latter group, judging by the image IO Interactive sent over this morning.

Nothing says “our game is a winner” quite like a bloody guy blowing chunks, you know? Stay classy, guys. Stay classy. Well, they do at least urge everyone to “drink responsibly,” so that’s something, I guess.

Perhaps I’m just not seeing the genius here, but it seems to me that slapping your game’s name on a picture of a guy getting sick all over his shoes is not the smartest way to hype your product. What do you guys think?

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