Ken Levine Confirms New “Shock” Reveal?

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The studio that brought us BioShock has confirmed it’ll be unveiling its new project tomorrow.

At the end of July, Irrational Games sent out a flyer that asked the media to “please save the date” of August 11 for an event, but we didn’t know why. Would Irrational use the date to reveal a new logo or something else that would disappoint those of use waiting for information on the studio’s top-secret “Project Icarus?”

Not a chance: Ken Levine has confirmed that Irrational Games’ current project in development will be revealed on August 11 to the press, which will come in the form of a trailer and a live demonstration. On the following day, the trailer will be released to the public on, a teaser site that has been running for quite some time now.

Over the past few weeks, has featured a dark, cloudy background with small white circles appearing in a different spot every day. Now, we see that the circles were revealing hints of a hidden figure 8 (or sideways infinity symbol), as the site shows the circle in motion today. Members of the Irrational Games forums have worked out a full image of the symbol from the website, not that it’s helping speculation at all.

So what does the figure 8 mean? Is it a reference to a game that Irrational or Ken Levine has previously worked on, including Thief, System Shock, Freedom Force, or BioShock? Is it a mega-teaser for something completely new? If it’s a game from a previous series, the silence on anything related to a new System Shock title seems to indicate that it’s the series’ turn to make an appearance, with Thief and BioShock already taken over by other studios.

Ken Levine hopes that people will see the trailer prior to reading any news on the new game, saying: “Trust me, there’s a reason.” Irrational Games really knows how to build anticipation, huh?

(Irrational Games)

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