Kevin Butler Returns for “PS3: It Only Does 256 Players”


With the launch of Massive Action Game around the corner, Sony is kicking its advertising machine into high gear, which means one thing: Kevin Butler is back, baby.

I’ve said it before: Kevin Butler is the best thing to happen to Sony’s marketing department since they gave up on Crash Bandicoot. Is he actually a Sony executive? Of course not, he’s an actor. Does it actually matter or make these ads any less entertaining? I submit that it does not.

In today’s installment of the “Funk Loves Kevin Butler Chronicles,” the man himself (now Sony’s VP of First Person Shooter Relations) assures a job applicant that “MAG Platoon Leader” is certainly worth putting down on one’s resume as management experience – since, much like “Raid Leader in WoW,” it requires performing a job that in practice has much in common with herding wild kittens.

There’s a special surprising twist ending (well, not on the level of a M. Night Shamwow twist, but a twist nonetheless), but there’s one thing that’s certain: Kevin Butler is perhaps the only person who could possibly make me even the slightest bit interested in MAG. It’s hard enough to get a 12-player team to work together to assault the RED stronghold in TF2, or a 15-player team to actually coordinate to win Arathi Basin in WoW. Personally, I can’t see 128 vs. 128 as being anything but a raging clusterf*ck.

Ah well. Maybe I’ll give it a chance thanks to you, Kevin. You sexy beast, you.

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