Kevin Butler Scores Big With Three Awesome (or Creepy) New Ads


Sony’s hilarious ad figurehead has returned with three new commercials that will make you smile – and may make you sniff yourself uncomfortably.

I think that – no matter how much we might wish this to not be the case – we all recognize that Kevin Butler, Sony’s VP of Whatever Title He Currently Has, is a fictional character. He’s expertly portrayed by actor Jerry Lambert, his speech is written by a clever team of scribes, and the ads are hilarious and rather compelling, but it’s not real. Still, we wish it was.

And that doesn’t mean the ads can’t also be hilarious, too. Sony has released three new KB spots in quick succession that run the gamut from “hilarious” to “hilarious and a bit unsettling.”

The first celebrates the impending release of Gran Turismo 5, and reveals that the many, many delays in getting GT5 onto shelves were due to the charismatic Mr. Butler’s perfectionism, and not all that other stuff. Best part? “Mr. Butler is a professional driver on a closed course.”

The second is probably the weakest of the bunch, as its jokes are obvious right from the outset. It’s also got the most boring job of the three – it just reminds viewers that the PS3 is also a rather competent gaming console as well as being a Blu-Ray player. Dude, Sony, you were talking about this back in 2006. We all know by now!

The third is where it gets a bit weird. Suffice it to say that KB thinks that if you buy a PS3, you can be just like this fake TV family. I’m not going to say any more, because that would ruin the punch line. You’ll have to watch this one yourself.

I acknowledge that it is a commercial character and at their heart, these are nothing more than clever advertisements. But really? I don’t care. I still love you, KB.

(PlayStation Blog)

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