Kevin Conroy Talks Arkham Asylum


Kevin Conroy, star of Batman: Arkham Asylum has talked about voicing the titular character and working with Mark Hamill as well as commenting on another recent cowl wearer.

“I admit I’m not up on all of the Batman comics, but I have a deep connection to the character after playing him for so many years.” Those are the words of voice actor Kevin Conroy, and it’s hard to argue with him, considering that he has played the Dark Knight almost non-stop since 1992, longer than Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney and Bale combined.

Developer Rocksteady gained a lot of points with Batman fans when they announced that the lead would be voiced by Conroy, and his nemesis, the Joker, would be voiced by Mark Hamill. Conroy was clearly pleased to be working with the Star Wars alumni again: “Mark is incredible as always,” he said. “There’s no one I’d rather have voicing The Joker.”

In Conroy’s view, Hamill is the quintessential Joker, saying “I think Mark created the definitive ‘crazy’ Joker. There’s no question Heath Ledger gave an unbelievable performance in The Dark Knight as a scheming, anarchist Joker. But Mark perfected that fun, insane character.”

Conroy was also asked what he felt about Christian Bale’s interesting take on the character’s voice in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, to which he replied: “I thought Christian was excellent as Bruce Wayne, but I didn’t understand his choices there. I thought it was over the top and distracted from his scenes as Batman. I’m not sure what they were going for there. But, what do I know?”

Don’t be so coy Kevin, you know plenty.

Source: Wired

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