Kid Becomes “Little Zangief” in Response to Bullying


Never bully somebody bigger than you. You never know when they might be Zangief in disguise.

Casey Haynes had had enough. He’d been bullied all his school life, and when Ritchard Gale decided it would be fun to throw a few punches at the overweight kid, Casey snapped. Diving forward, Casey lifted his attacker bodily into the air before slamming him to the concrete in a manner akin to the character Zangief from Street Fighter, leading to the moniker “Zangief Kid.”

Casey was suspended for 4 days from his school in Sydney, Australia, while the instigator of the fight, Ritchard, was suspended for 21 days. An online outpouring of congratulations to Casey for standing up to bullying soon followed, along with debate over if Casey was in the right to deliver a pile-driver to the smaller boy.

Internet group Anonymous has taken up Casey’s cause, reposting the video and remixing it with Team Fortress 2 and Street Fighter, DDOS’ing the school’s website, and prank calling Ritchard Gale and his family.

The mother of the bully recently went on Australian TV and said that she wanted her son to apologize to Casey, saying of the viral video “We don’t need this posted everywhere. I would like him to apologize.”

Whether or not the kid was in the right, one thing is for sure; he’s got a hell of a career in wrestling waiting for him.

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