A Florida teen claims that he was kidnapped and forced to buy a PlayStation 3 by armed assailants.

Kyle Yarkosky was on his way to visit a friend at the Pebblebrook Lakes gated community in Naples, Florida and had just passed through the gates when his car was blocked by a white pick-up truck.

According to Yarkosky, two armed men exited the truck, one carrying an assault rifle and the other carrying a pistol. The assailants hit Yarkosky in the head, demanded cash from him and then forced Yarkosky to take them to his home where they stole jewelry and Yarkosky’s stepfather’s credit card.

The tale gets a little weird from here on in to be honest, as according to Yarkosky, his kidnappers made him drive to a local Wal-Mart so that he could buy one of them a shotgun, but finding the gun counter closed, they settled for a PS3 instead.

Once the kidnappers had the console, they apparently let Yarkosky go, making them the most inept kidnappers I’ve seen in a while. Naples deputies have arrested one teenager in connection with the attack, 18 year old David Daniels, who was seen with Yarkosky on surveillance footage at the Wal-Mart in question .

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure that this is genuine. On the one hand, there are some mind-boggling stupid criminals in the world, but on the other hand, the story seems a little hard to swallow.

Source: Naple News via Kotaku

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