Killzone: Mercenary Players Have Killed 47 Million Targets

Killzone Mercenary screen

Sony has released a stats page to highlight player actions in Killzone: Mercenary.

It’s only been a week since Killzone: Mercenary landed in Europe and a few days since it hit North America, but its players have still managed to wrack up quite the kill count. According to a new stats page released by Sony, players have “terminated” more 47 million lives in the time since the game was released. These kills included nearly 11.5 million headshots and more than 6 million kills score through melee strikes.

The stats page also includes a wealth of other information. For instance, while Mercenary has been available for less than a week in some territories, players have already put more than 14,000 days into the game and have earned more than 7 million in-game credits. The players earning this money aren’t the best shots (only 31 percent accuracy), but that’s beside the point. Gamers are clearly playing Killzone: Mercenary, and playing it a lot.

Honestly, we’re not surprised. Mercenary has arguably been one of the Vita’s most anticipated titles and with reviews pegging it as being a quite a decent game, it makes sense that Vita owners might flock to the title. Not to mention that the Vita’s portability might make it easier for players to sneak in headshots in places that might have been game stoppers in the past. The bathroom, the bedroom, the tranquil beauty of nature, as long as you have wi-fi, it’s now a venue for mercenary slaughter.

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