All mentions of the Kim Jung Il or North Korea have been edited for the Japanese release of Homefront, due to that country’s gaming standards.

Spike, the company responsible for publishing THQ’s upcoming shooter Homefront in Japan, has announced that certain changes will be made to the Japanese version of the game to conform to Japanese gaming standards regarding depictions of living people.

There are very specific CERO (the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization; Japan’s version of the ESRB) guidelines concerning the portrayal of living people and of real countries. Homefront being a game concerned with North Korea’s invasion of the United States after the death of Kim Jung Il, the guidelines obviously prompt some changes.

The changes include removing any instances of dictator Kim Jung Il’s face or name, going so far as to also remove the term “Great Leader”. He will now instead be referred to as “Northern Leader”. Northern Leader of what, you ask? Well, since they are also removing all mention of North Korea, he will be the ruler of “A Certain Country to the North”.

Homefront will be released in “A Certain Homogeneous Island Nation” this April, while us in “A Certain Western Superpower” can pick it up in March.

Source: Andriasang via Eurogamer

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