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Bill Farmer, the voice actor for Goofy, says that voice recording for Kingdom Hearts III is finished, and it’s due out this year.

While Square Enix refuses to confirm a release date for Kingdom Hearts III, one of the game’s central voice actors claims to know something we don’t. Bill Farmer, who voices Goofy in the series, as well as various Disney cartoons, says that voice recording for the new game has wrapped up, and Square is prepping for a 2015 release.

The info comes from Farmer’s Twitter account. A fan asked him if the game was due out this year, and he replied “That’s what they keep telling me!” He went on to confirm that he is indeed talking about Kingdom Hearts III and not the Kingdom Hearts 3D remake that is rumored to be in the works. He added that “as far as I know”, voice recording for Kingdom Hearts III had been concluded.

So there you have it, straight from the weird-cartoon-dog-thing’s mouth. We don’t know too much about Kingdom Hearts III at this stage, except for the fact that it most definitely won’t be the conclusion of the series, and that we may be seeing Star Wars characters join the cast, due to Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm.

We also assume that it will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and we can probably expect to see content from Frozen (because Disney can’t seem to let it go), and maybe even Big Hero 6 to join the fray.

Source: Twitter via NeoGAF

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