Known Issues for 10/3 Build


<span class=Title2>Known Issues</span>

Updated: 10/03

Top issues are the following. We intend to fix all of these. Please check this
for additional detailed build notes.

All Item Enchantment spells were supposed to be made more powerful. Unfortunately
instead they all broke. They cannot be fixed until next week. We are very
sorry about this and assure Item Enchanters that your day will return.

If your game crashes (ac2client.exe error), if you see it, please do hit
the “Send” button to send us a report of what happened. This will
help us quickly fix remaining crashes.

A frequent cause of crashes or graphic problems can be bad graphics drivers.
Beware using “beta” versions of drivers. For example, we have seen several
problems with the nVidia (GeForce) Beta drivers v40.41. The site
has new Beta drivers v40.71, but these are still not certified. If you experience
any crashes or graphics problems we recommend you use the latest WHQL certified
drivers: v30.82.

Lastly, if your game crashes and you have current, official drivers, do the
following: 1) Quit AC2. 2) Open your AC2 folder. 3) Delete the .ini
file named “preferences”. 4) Doubleclick ac2config. 5) Click the
“detect” button. 6) Without changing any setting, click OK. 7)
Restart AC2, and do not change any graphics settings.

The voiceover for the movies in the game require you to be able to play MP3s.
Most computers can do this already. If you do not get a voiceover in the movies,
keep an eye on this site for news of how to fix this.

If you tried to play on the Redmond datacenter during exactly the wrong window
of time Monday night, you now may get an error when you launch asking you
to install MSXML. Keep an eye on this site for news of how to fix this. Please
remember that connecting to the Redmond datacenter brings this kind of risk.

If your mouse pointer vanishes, use ALT-Enter to go into windowed mode, then
click outside the AC2 window and back in the window again to get it back.

When you first enter the world, those around you may not be able to see or
hear you. After a few minutes you should appear, but to fix this quickly,
run away for a minute in any direction, then turn around and come back.

You can lose your connection to chat. This may have to do with certain routers
or use of PPPoE connections through DSL.

You must rename the file highdetail.dat to highres.dat for it to work.

You still may get stuck in a “neverending portal”. If this happens,
use Request Assistance. Open Options panel; Click Core tab; click Request
Assistance. Choose the category “I’m stuck”. We will help
you ASAP. This service is not available on the Green world, however.

These dungeons may still have bad data and can get you stuck: “The Hovel”
dungeon (36.8N, 7.4W); “Vermin Nest” (42.7N, 17.6W).

We found that some computers experience a form of framerate lag if they do
not have “sync to refresh rate” turned on.  If the framerate consistently
has short pauses and stutters, turning “sync to refresh rate” on in the options
panel will help.  This only works in fullscreen.

You may get the message that your battle “wasn’t a fair fight”
even if it was—and vice versa. Please go to
AC2 Beta Feedback forum to report bugs about this, being as specific as possible
as to exactly what you are doing.

Vaults are not as inviting as we’d like. Glyph drop rates, directions
to the Vault, the challenge, and the reward are all being tuned.

Matthew “Stucco” Ford

AC2 Team

Lead Program Manager of AC2

@Microsoft Game Studios

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