League of Legends Patch 3.10 Remakes Master Yi


Changes to Elise, Ryze and Twisted Fate also feature in the latest League of Legends patch.

League of Legend‘s wuju swordsman Master Yi is usually jokingly referred to as a “right-click-warrior.” This is in reference to his rather bland skillset, that means that the majority of his damage comes from just wailing on his opponents with his standard attack. Riot are set to change that in the latest League of Legends patch, which features a complete overhaul of the champion. Other changes include tweaks to Elise, Ryze and Twisted Fate.

Probably the biggest change to Yi’s skills is that his main ability, Alpha Strike, will now enjoy a cooldown reduction every time Yi lands a basic attack. Highlander has also been reworked: rather than resetting all cooldowns if you score a kill while its up, it now passively reduces the cooldown on all of your abilities if you score a kill or an assist, even if it isn’t currently active. These changes should make Yi feel like a more active champion.

As for other champions, Elise is getting some big nerfs due to her prominence in the competitive scene. Her spiderlings are now less tanky overall, and Rappel is being fixed so you can no longer “cheese” tower hits, or travel outside of its indicated range.

Ryze is having his spell range decreased, but given a speed boost on his ultimate, Desperate Power, to compensate. Twisted Fate’s Loaded Dice passive no longer grants global gold, but instead gives Twisted Fate between 1-6 gold per kill.

A new item has been added in this patch: the Specter’s Cowl. It provides 200 Health, 45 Magic Resist, and has a passive effect that grants +15 Health Regen per 5 seconds for up to 10 seconds after taking damage from an enemy champion. It builds into Spirit Visage and Banshee’s Veil. This item is intended to make magic resist a more personal choice, rather than just relying on your support to pick up a Runic Bulwark, which has actually been removed from the game entirely.

The patch should be live now on all servers.

Source: League of Legends

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