League of Legends Preps “Forecast Janna” Legendary Skin


The legendary skin will offer new animations, spell effects, and voiceovers.

League of Legends‘ resident weather witch Janna is getting a legendary skin befitting of her storm-themed skillset: “Forecast Janna”. The skin, just like other legendary skins before it, will offer a new model, animations, spell effects, and voice over. Riot didn’t offer any information on when it will be released, but we can probably expect to see it with the next patch.

From the official website, Forecast Janna includes:

  • A new character model, reminiscent of the alluringly professional attire you might see on your local nightly news
  • Climatically inclement spell effects, such as a radar map shield on Eye of the Storm, a cloud companion on Zephyr and more tumultuous Monsoons and Howling Gales
  • Broadcaster-inspired animations that look as good in the newsroom as they do on the Fields of Justice
  • New voiceover featuring well-practiced non-regional diction along with meteorological lingo and diverse weather forecasts

You can check out some screenshots of Forecast Janna in action below:

Forecast Janna joins the likes of Gentlemen Cho’Gath, Corporate Mundo and Demonblade Tryndamere in the “Legendary” category of skins. All other skins in this category have cost 1820 RP, so we can most likely expect the same price for Forecast Janna. The previously released Spirit Guard Udyr was in the “Ultimate” skin tier, which as well as all the benefits of a Legendary skin, have even more additional models and effects.

Janna is one of my favorite supports, and one of the oldest champions in the game, so it’s nice to see her get a bit of love. Her previous skins were kind of lame as well. Which champion do you guys think deserves the next Legendary or Ultimate skin?

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