Leaked Source Engine 2 Screenshot Hints At Left 4 Dead 3


A prominent NeoGAF leaker has posted an image of Left 4 Dead 2‘s plantation level in what is reportedly the Source 2 engine.

NeoGAF users “crazy buttocks on a train” (CBOAT) may have a ludicrous name, but he is well known for leaking confidential information to the public, and has a pretty good track record. This time, he has leaked what appears to be a PowerPoint presentation on Valve’s upcoming “Source 2” engine, which hints at a possible Left 4 Dead sequel.

For starters, check out the full leaked PowerPoint presentation screenshot below (click to enlarge):


The highlighted slide very clearly states “Plantation Level of L4D2 – rebuilt in Source 2.0 with increased level of detail”. To the side, you can see several more slides which compare the Plantation Level in the current Source engine to its reported 2.0 counterparts. The Source 2.0 images have noticeably enhanced foliage, large amounts of high quality destruction, and improved lighting and shadow effects.

Furthermore, Valve Time has obtained a higher resolution copy of one of the presentation’s screenshots, which you can see below (click to enlarge):


These images seem pretty convincing, and may even point to a Left 4 Dead 3 being in the works (Left 4 Dead 2 featured some of the original Left 4 Dead‘s maps re-made in the new engine).

We have reached out to Valve to confirm the legitimacy of these screenshots.

Inb4 “Half-Life 3 confirmed”.

Source: NeoGAF via Valve Time

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