Learn How to Conquer the World in 13-Minute Civilization V Demo


Curious to see the many ways you can rule the world in Civilization V? A new 13-minute walkthrough-cum-trailer from Firaxis can teach you just that.

In case you hadn’t heard, Firaxis’ Civilization V is out next week, meaning that gamers will have entirely new ways to stay up until 4AM taking just One More Turn. The developer has put out a new video with designer Peter Murray walking viewers through a game as the Romans and showing off all the new features in the game.

It’s a bit dry at places, but I won’t lie – it’s getting me excited for next week. Every time The Escapist has seen Civ V thus far, we’ve come away impressed, so Firaxis is certainly doing something right.

Stick around: Greg Tito will have our official verdict later today! And by later today, I mean right now.

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