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Investigate the hidden history of the ‘Mystery Man’ in Until Dawn with these collectible locations, leading your team of teens directly to each clue with our tips.

Someone is watching from the shadows. Until Dawn’s slasher film homage isn’t as straightforward as you might think — if you’re willing to take a look around. These clues can be well hidden, but finding them all nets you one more Gold trophy, along with a deeper understanding of the story. Don’t miss one of the ‘Mystery Man’ clueline, check out the hints right here.

These collectibles aren’t required to earn the best ending, but other types absolutely are. See what it takes to save (or kill) all eight characters with our Until Dawn Endings Guide.

Mystery Man Collectibles Locations

Episode 1

Mystery Man #1: Entering the cable car station’s exterior area, turn right and look on the back outer wall. There’s a wanted poster here.

Episode 2

Mystery Man #4: Playing as Chris outside the lodge, you’ll need to follow Josh. Look on the outside walls along the side for an empty axe case.

Mystery Man #2: Later, Chris crawls into the lodge storage room through a window and uses a lighter to see. In this room, check out the left corner for an open door. The clue is on a shelf to the right inside this room.

Mystery Man #3: Once Chris is inside the house, look on the surfaces near the dining around on the main first floor area. There’s an answering machine you can interact with to get a clue.

Mystery Man #6: Taking the mines path on the left, you’ll reach stairs going up. At the top of the stairs turn right and enter the maintenance work room. The first collectible is on some barrels.

Mystery Man #5: In this same room, check the back wall near the hanging skull.

Mystery Man #8: Back in the lodge with Sam, leave the bathroom and enter the bedroom. Check the nightstand to the left of the bed.

Mystery Man #32: Two clues are exclusive to the additional DLC chapter added to Episode 2. Right at the start, follow the prints in the snow up to the outside of the lodge. Look on the left wall for a glow.

Mystery Man #31: At the end of the chapter, you’ll get an automatic viewing of a pig head. Turn it all the way around to get this clue.

Episode 3

Mystery Man #7: Back inside the cabin, Jessica will wait near the fireplace. Before lighting anything, look to the left of the chimney for a nook with a rocking chair. The clue is on the stand. Scroll through the pages to find what you need.

Mystery Man #10: Playing as Ashley in the lodge, you’ll team up with Chris to explore the library. Before going inside, you’ll reach a windowed room. Look just left of the entrance to spot a glowing clue on the floor.

Mystery Man #9: Once you discover the secret room, you’ll switch to Chris. There’s a photo inside — flip it around to get the Mystery Man clue.

Mystery Man #11: Later, another door will open leading to a long hallway. The main path is on the right — don’t go there yet, instead look in an alcove to the left with a clue on a stand.

Episode 4

Mystery Man #15: With Chris you’ll move outside and to a fork in the road. Take the left path and move past the jump-scare to find a severed pig’s head clue.

Episode 5

Mystery Man #12: Once you make it into the chapel, don’t attack the wolf! When you’re free to explore, check the barrel in the center of the room.

Mystery Man #13: There’s a room to explore on the right of the chapel behind a metal mesh fence. Look on the wall.

Mystery Man #16: Reaching the door of the cable station, you’ll see an axe embedded there. Take it to get another clue, and a nice weapon.

Episode 6

Mystery Man #14: Back with Ashley in the lodge, enter the open doorway to the left of the fireplace. Look on the table to the right of the painting.

Mystery Man #19: Past the Dollhouse and into the basement, you’ll move down a gray hallway with tools on the right. There’s a surface with a small book here. Flip through the pages to earn this collectible clue.

Mystery Man #17: To the right of this catalogue, there’s a shelf with two cardboard boxes. Look between them to find a mysterious hidden camera.

Mystery Man #18: Continuing on, you’ll enter an area with destroyed columns. Look in the right corner of this room before going downstairs to get a look at fake newspapers.

Mystery Man #20: Later on, Ashley and Chris discuss what they know about the situation. You’ll enter another hallway on the left — the clue is in the foreground.

Mystery Man #21: In the kitchen, look left just as the door closes. There are chains on the wall you can inspect.

Mystery Man #23: As you enter the kitchen and the door slams shut, continue right to find a hanging pig corpse.

Mystery Man #22: The next is also pretty hard to miss. There’s a board with photos in the center-back of the kitchen.

Episode 7

Sam must escape the psycho in Episode 5 to gain access to all collectibles.

Mystery Man #26: If Sam survives, she’ll kick open a vent and enter a creepy room with mannequins. Immediately turn right to look at a strange schematic hanging on the wall.

Mystery Man #30: In the same room, open the drawer on the workbench ahead with the saw blades.

Mystery Man #27: Look on the shelves opposite the work bench where you collected clue #30. Make sure that you scroll through all the text.

Mystery Man #28: Continue past the shelves and check out the boxes in the back left corner of the room.

Mystery Man #29: Leave the room and continue down the hallway, through the door, and right to some steps leading down. Skip the door ahead and instead walk past the stairs leading up into an alcove with a table. The clue is sitting on this table.

Mystery Man #24: Next, go up the stairs you just passed. Go down the hall and turn right. There’s a pair of doors with large circular windows. Go through to find a camera mounted on a tripod.

Mystery Man #25: The last clue is in the chair where the camera is pointed, in the very same room.

Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


Trophy Unlocked

Your Eyes Opened (Gold):
The group found all the clues from the Mystery Man Clueline

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