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Multiple Lego Donkey Kong Sets Are Barreling Your Way in August

Four Lego Donkey Kong sets are up for preorder, with price, packaging, and August 1 release date revealed: Get Diddy, Dixie, Funky, & Cranky!

Earlier this week, Lego teased an upcoming set based on Donkey Kong Country. It revealed multiple Kongs, including the surfing Funky Kong, but details on prices and release dates were nowhere to be found. Thankfully, Lego has now officially revealed four Donkey Kong Lego sets, including price, packaging images, and an August 1 release date, and they are available for preorder from select retailers.

Wario64 conveniently tweeted out the images and pricing in one place earlier today:

As you can see, either Lego is suggesting that Lego Mario can be used in these Donkey Kong sets, or he’s been a ghost this whole time.

There are the Tree House Expansion Set, Diddy Mine Kart Ride Expansion Set, Dixie Jungle Jam Expansion Set, and Rambi the Rhino Expansion Set. Small toys like Rambi are only $10.99, while the extravagant Mine Kart Ride will set you back $109.99. The latter is the best one because it has Funky Kong and his jet, complete with the three-colored Extra Life Balloons.

If you are a completionist and want everything from Lego Donkey Kong, it will cost you over $200. At least the sets come with the various Kongs and their buddies included. Personally, I am happy to see such a wonderful representation of the Donkey Kong Country series. I only wish there was a Legoized version of Donkey Kong’s gigantic banana hoard.

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