LEGO Rock Band Details Reveal Giant Robots

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If you were wondering exactly what makes LEGO Rock Band different from Rock Band aside from the LEGO graphics, here’s your answer: giant robots.

The idea of a LEGO Rock Band might not seem like much more than a more family friendly skewed take on Harmonix’ band-in-a-box game, but, according to new details about the game released on its page, it won’t just be more family friendly. It’ll be a bit weirder, too.

See, in Rock Band and Rock Band 2‘s career modes, you just take your fictional band around the world, play music, and accumulate cash. That’s part of LEGO Rock Band, except instead of money you earn LEGO blocks, which you use to build new vehicles that’ll take you to new venues. But that’s just one part. See, in this game , you don’t just play music to make money. You play it to slay giant robots.

“Play killer riffs to destroy a giant robot, summon a storm, and demolish a skyscraper using the power of rock!” the page lists, describing what it calls “LEGO-themed rock challenges.”

So there, that’s one thing that LEGO Rock Band does that Rock Band doesn’t. Other things include a new “easier skill set option” so your mom can play drums without difficulty, the ability to customize your entire entourage, from your band to your roadies and even your manager (LEGO Albert Grossman here we come). Finally, there’s also a customizable “LEGO rock-den” where you can buy and furnish a place with LEGO goodies to create a LEGO MTV Cribs-worthy hangout.


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