Leonard Nimoy Is in Star Trek Online


The originator of the role of Spock, Leonard Nimoy, will lend his glorious vocal talents to Star Trek: Online.

Atari announced today that Nimoy’s voice will be heard during the introduction to the game and during significant plot moments and events. It is unclear if he will be appearing as Spock, or as a nameless narrator. But with Zachary Quinto playing a separate role in STO from his appearance as Spock in 2009’s Star Trek movie, the role of Spock is open for the vocal stylings of Nimoy. STO launches on February 2nd.

“I am happy to be involved with Star Trek Online. In this game, the essence of Star Trek – exploration and adventure – lives long and prospers,” said Nimoy, dutifully regurgitating all of the requisite catch phrases. “I’m pleased that a whole new generation of fans will be able to discover new frontiers in the Star Trek universe.”

This announcement begs one question, who the fuck did William Shatner piss off? Why doesn’t anybody in Hollywood pick a phone and call him to be in these kinds of things?

I mean, I know he’s kind of a dick and he’s off price negotiating somewhere, but since when is Spock the face of Trek? Kirk was always The Captain. He’s way cooler than Spock ever was. And while Tambourine Man wasn’t so hot, Shatner’s cover of Common People by Pulp blows The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins out of the water. Why isn’t he ever going to appear in any new Star Trek movies or videogames? Perhaps it’s because he plays a shaman and is clearly endorsing a competitor.

Or it could just be some sort of master plan of Nimoy’s to slowly replace Shatner in everything he does.

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