Lift the Quarantine at Site Omicron With Our SOMA Solution Guide

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Late in SOMA’s nightmarish trek through an underwater research station, our hero Simon encounters a locked down medical facility. There are multiple puzzles in your path to removing the quarantine, and we’ve got every step in the complete Omicron puzzle guide.

There’s plenty to fear in SOMA — if it isn’t the killer robots or crumbling infrastructure, it’s the puzzles. While not every challenging area is going to stump every player, we wanted to give everyone a chance to complete this awesome game and uncover the full story for themselves. Learn every step of the Omicron exterior right here.

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Omicron Quarantine Puzzle Solution Guide

Approaching Site Omicron, you’ll find the station completely sealed thanks to a quarantine order. Following the path through the fish cages, you’ll find two important locations; the Omicron front entrance and an external control station on the right.

You’ll need to enter the control station. Look for a large dome-shaped building on stilts near the floating cages. There’s a ladder leading up.

To lift the quarantine at Omicron, follow these step-by-step instructions.

  • 1. To the right of the OmniTool Console, pull off the ‘Manual Override’ panel and press the red button. Turn the two valves to the right of the override switch, then look right of the valves for a lever. Pull it down, then return to the ovverride panel.
  • 2. Pull the ‘Flush’ switch down to drain the water and climb into the control room above. There are two floors above, but everything you need to lift the quarantine is on the first floor.
  • 3. Plug the OmniTool onto the computer interface near the dead body. There’s no power so the consoles are inactive. Look for a metal panel under a red light to restore electricity.
  • 4. The panel itself shows what each switch does, but it’s impossible to activate the switches with the panel in place. Make note — you need to hit switches and connect the breakers, starting in the top left and reaching the bottom right.
  • 5. If you look closely, you’ll see some of the connection are broken. Activating switches on broken connectors drains energy, making it impossible to restore power. Press these switches to complete the puzzle; 1-2-6-5-9-13-14-15-16
  • 6. Now the computer terminals are both active. Use the screen to the right of the OmniTool station and listen to the Audio, then select the Omicron menu. Press ‘Quarantine’ to get a password input menu.
  • 7. There’s no password yet. Check the terminal opposite the OmniTool slot and check the menus. Use the dead body to hear static, then explore up the ladder and examine the small note behind the supplies.
  • 8. Now, return to the computer opposite the OmniTool terminal. It should glitch out with a strange new third menu — ‘UbVZrmsP’ — select it. It displays ‘1050’ over and over.
  • 9. Back at the computer next to your OmniTool, select ‘Omnicron’, press ‘Quarantine’ and input ‘1050’ to lift the quarantine.

Now that the quarantine is lifted, you can leave this external station. Climb down and use the OmniTool terminal to swipe and raise the water. Go to the front entrance, which should now open, and use the OmniTool to drain the chamber.

When the pump breaks down, you’ll be forced to find a second entrance. As you leave the front doors, turn left and look at the metal scaffolding suspended over the abyss cliffside. There’s a path leading to a secondary Omicron door.

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