Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Battle System Evolves


Customizable abilities and reactions are fine-tuned for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII‘s battle system.

Final Fantasy XIII‘s battle system was already a departure from the battle systems of earlier games. With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII being the final installment in the story of FFXIII, this has to be the game to nail the fighting aspect. In a trailer released today, Square Enix showed a trailer of what to expect fighting alone as Lightning.

In FFXIII, the player formed a team of three characters and customized each roles they served, which could be modified quickly in the midst of battle to switch between offense and defense as needed. In the sequel, monsters could be captured to join battle. Elements of the Active Time Battle system make up the new Style-Change ATB, also taking elements from the dressphere mechanics of Final Fantasy X-2. The outfits have different power sets with its own ATB gauge. When the gauge is depleted, Lightning must switch to a different outfit. Outfits not in use replenish their ATB gauge. In this Schema system, Lightning can equip up to three outfits at any time to switch through during battles.

The biggest change is the elimination of menus, which were integral to the battle system of the previous two FFXIII titles. In Lightning Returns actions are assigned to the four face buttons. Players may execute those actions as long as the ATB gauge isn’t empty. Different outfits have different abilities, but evasion can be assigned to any garb.

The demo is available now. Lightning Returns: FFXIII launches in North America on Feb. 11 and Europe on Feb. 14 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: YouTube

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