Limbo Special Edition Enters The Third Dimension


Playdead’s award-winning platformer now comes with a host of joyfully depressing goodies.

Two years ago, development studio and publisher Playdead surprised gamers with the black-and-white puzzle-platformer Limbo. With an environment designed around themes of death, loneliness, and isolation, the title quickly racked up close to 100 awards including Game of the Year at BAFTA’s Video Game Awards and the Paris Game Show. Limbo has since been re-released on most major platforms. Those still holding out now have a chance to get the latest, and biggest, edition yet: the Limbo Special Edition limited box set.

The package includes the complete game (naturally) for PC and Mac platforms, both DRM-Free. Also included is Limbo‘s atmospheric soundtrack, a series of art cards, and a pair of 3D glasses. And what, pray tell, would the 3D glasses be for? Why to replay the full game in Stereoscopic 3D, of course! It may not add anything to the gameplay itself, but at least you’ll be able to visualize the bleak environments in a new way.

The art aesthetic of the entire set closely matches the dark tone of the game itself, even going so far as to present artwork of the unnamed boy in the process of being murdered by a giant spider. The 3D glasses themselves are the most colorful pieces of the entire package, with the blue and red lenses standing out in contrast to the rest of the set.

Considering that many gamers have already played Limbo on at least one platform, the special edition is clearly designed with the loyal fans in mind that love physical copies on a shelf. For that reason, the game is priced at a very reasonable $24.99 to avoid breaking the banks of anyone who already purchased one of the previous versions. That said, Limbo Special Edition is also a limited edition, so anyone wanting their own copy should head to Amazon for details.

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