Linden Lab Links with Streambase for Server Analysis

This article is over 16 years old and may contain outdated information

Second Life house Linden Lab licenses processing platforms from provider Streambase.

StreamBase, a provider of complex event processing (CEP) software, announced that Second Life creator Linden Lab has selected its event processing platform to build systems that can analyze and manage the massive volume of real-time streaming data generated across the Second Life grid.

“We’ve invested in StreamBase to help our operations team support the increasing infrastructure demands of Second Life. We are excited about working with StreamBase to build these new capabilities as well as to improve our data warehousing extraction, transformation and load processing times,” said Marius Moscovici, Director of Data Warehousing.

John Partridge, Vice President of Industry Solutions at StreamBase Systems, said, “We’re very proud to welcome Linden Lab, the creators of an innovative platform for creativity and development, as a StreamBase customer. More and more developers are embracing Complex Event Processing as a viable and core component of their MMOs and virtual worlds. Linden Lab is truly an industry thought leader who will continue to drive and influence the future of 3-D virtual worlds, and we look forward to helping them further broaden their success and exponential growth.”

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