Live from our Secret Volcano Base, The Escapist Pod is on the Air!


We’ve been branching out, as you can tell. The Lounge has given us an opportunity to get a bit more comfortable with you, our readers, and hear what you have to say in regard to the magazine, as well as some issues that would never make it into the weekly. It’s been great hearing what you folks have to say about what we’re doing, and now, we’re asking again for feedback and input for a new venture, which we’re happy to debut to you: The Escapist Pod, The Escapist’s podcast!

Click here to listen. Then, read more for some additional info, and a request from us to you!

When we decided to branch out beyond the magazine proper, we wanted to uphold the same standard of quality and novelty the magazine currently bears. We like to think the Lounge is a visually stimulating environment for you to share your thoughts and opinions with us. With The Escapist Pod, we’re hoping to provide another avenue to bring you quality content. We’re trying to do with sound what we did with visuals on the magazine. We want to provide quality gaming commentary in this budding (well, let’s be frank: positively exploding) format, and we wanted those of you who frequent the Lounge to hear about it first.

Enter our “beta.” What you’re about to hear is Episode 0 of The Escapist Pod. There are some parts we think are rough, and a few areas we think we can improve upon, but we wanted to let you guys in through the back door, so to speak, to see what it is we’ve been working on between issues. So give it a listen, and tell us what you think. Here are a few key questions we would like you to think about, and comment on:

How is the subject matter? Is this what you want to hear in a podcast? Is the format something you like? And most importantly, how can we improve to make the experience more enjoyable for you?

Thanks for listening. And save early, save often.

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