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Lost Soul Aside Shows Off Beautiful DMC-Like Combat, Now Published by Sony

PS4 PS5 Sony PlayStation is now the publisher of gorgeous Devil May Cry-like Chinese action game Lost Soul Aside, which has a new trailer for China Hero Project.

Lost Soul Aside has reappeared with a new trailer that gives players another taste of its fast-paced action, crisp visuals, and fantasy world, in addition to announcing that Sony Interactive Entertainment is now the publisher of the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Lost Soul Aside is part of Sony’s China Hero Project, an initiative that aims to offer support to China-based developers.

This isn’t our first look at the game’s lightning-fast combat, but it may be our best look at the different enemy types and elements players will battle against. The video also highlights some platforming sections that range from bouncing on giant flowers to gliding between levitating pieces of rubble. Today’s trailer isn’t overly long, but it’s still packed with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. Check out the Lost Soul Aside China Hero Project trailer with Sony below.

Sony has offered more information (via Gematsu) about the world, story, and gameplay of Lost Soul Aside:

Set in a fantasy world where science-fiction, swords, and superpowers coexist, Lost Soul Aside is an action RPG that tells the story of Kazer, following his accidental merger with the symbiont Arena. With combat at its heart, Lost Soul Aside has a rich and rewarding combat system that gives players the flexibility to adapt their playstyle, and weapon choice to suit their playstyle to the battle at hand.

Although we’re only finding out today that Sony is publishing Lost Soul Aside, Sony has been supporting Chinese developer UltiZero Games since its inception in 2017 and even prior to that in 2016, when the game was then the solo project of lead creative Yang Bing. Sony approached Bing in 2016 about the China Hero Project, and since then UltiZero has grown to house a team of more than 40 people.

In April of last year, UltiZero premiered 18 minutes of gameplay footage of Lost Soul Aside. It was a meaty look at a game that takes clear inspiration from games like Final Fantasy when it comes to style and Devil May Cry when it comes to blistering combat. We’ll hopefully learn more about the game, including launch date plans, in the near future.

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